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EnhanceTV :: Video Download :: The Brain with David Eagleman: What Makes Me? - Ep 2 Of 6

The Brain with David Eagleman: What Makes Me? - Ep 2 Of 6
The Brain with David Eagleman: What Makes Me? - Ep 2 Of 6 
Neuroscientist Dr David Eagleman takes viewers on a fascinating journey to the very centre of the human brain. Showcasing the latest real-time and computer-generated images of the brain, audiences are exposed to a rare insider's perspective on the miraculous workings of the brain.

This episode explores the question of how the brain gives rise to peoples' thoughts, emotions, our memories and personality. Philosophers and great thinkers have for millennia pondered the question of how physical stuff can give rise to mental processes.

Last century, the new field of neuroscience joined the discussion, and Dr David Eagleman explains that to a neuroscientist, the answers to such questions lie in a deep understanding of the brain. (From the UK) (Documentary Series) PG CC

Follow the conversation on twitter: #SBSDoco

Duration (mins) 65
Date of broadcast 14/3/2016
Time of Broadcast 19:30
Channel SBS
Price: AUD22.75
including GST


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