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EnhanceTV :: Feature Articles :: Alcohol: a killer in our midst

Alcohol: a killer in our midst
Alcohol: a killer in our midst 
Alcoholism is a disease which affects roughly one in 20 adults. Alcoholism is diagnosed "when a physical or psychological dependence on alcohol has occurred". Alcoholism is different from alcohol abuse; someone can abuse alcohol by drinking too much but still not be an alcoholic as they do not have a dependence on alcohol. "For every one alcoholic there are about four or five people who have a drinking problem."Alcoholism "involves a complex interaction of biological, psychological and social factors and in each person the mix is different". Excessive drinking can begin as a way to self-medicate for anxiety, depression, even psychotic illness. Alcoholism can take 20 years or more to develop. "Because drinking is socially acceptable, abuse can be unnoticed or politely ignored for years."

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