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EnhanceTV :: Study Guides :: Planet Earth: Mountains

Planet Earth: Mountains
Planet Earth: Mountains 
Planet Earth is a BBC production with five episodes in the first series, and a second series to follow in 2007. Each episode examines a range of environments, focussing on key species or relationships in each habitat, the challenges they face, the behaviours they exhibit and the adaptations that enable them to survive. Recent advances in photography are used to achieve some spectacular 'first sights' - in particular, stabilized aerial photography gives us remarkable views of migrating animals and the techniques used by their predators to hunt them.

In the second episode we travel across the high peaks of the Earth's mountain ranges to see the animals and habitats that survive at high altitude. Some of the rarest animals are found here and their lifestyle is filmed in detail, often for the first time. The processes that form, shape and erode the ranges are examined in detail, in particular the great glaciers.

The series is suitable for middle secondary students studying Science and SOSE/HSIE, and for senior secondary students of Biology, Environmental Science and Geography.

Learning Areas Geography & Nature, Science & Technology, Society & Culture,
Level Secondary, Tertiary
Price: Free

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