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EnhanceTV :: Series Downloads :: Atoms Alive (Complete Series 8 X 15 Mins)

Atoms Alive (Complete Series 8 X 15 Mins)
Atoms Alive (Complete Series 8 X 15 Mins) 
Atoms Alive is a series about DNA and genetics, which has been produced to support the biology curriculum for upper secondary students.

Episodes include:

Biomolecules - looks at the four main classes of biomolecules.

Little Cell - Big Picture - overviews cell structure,

DNA - Store and Copy - considers the master molecule, and how it stores information and copies itself.

DNA - Code and Expression - reveals the genetic code and how DNA expresses itself in the chemistry of life.

DNA - Regulation and Mutation - discusses regulation of genetic expression, and mutation.

Recombinant DNA - turns to human experimentation with DNA - moving genes around, recombinant DNA.

DNA Technology - looks at DNA fingerprinting and how DNA technology is probing the genome.

Genetic Issues - considers genetic issues, discussing how genetics might play out in the future.

Duration (mins) 120
Channel ABC1
Price: AUD31.20
including GST


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