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EnhanceTV :: Feature Articles

These educational feature articles are free to download. They are designed to help you to teach with television and contain discussion questions, related TV programs and website links. To download, simply log into our online store, add to cart and proceed to checkout. When your order is completed you will see a page containing the download link and a copy of the download key will also be emailed to you.

Feature Articles
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Drought eats away at the soil of Australia
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Drought eats away at the soil of Australia

Drought is almost a feature of Australia's landscape. The idea of "droughts and flooding rains" is so much a part of our national identity that we have come to expect the dry spells. But as the current drought refuses to break we have to wonder how our rural communities are going to survive.

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What is this media literacy thing?
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What is this media literacy thing?

What is media literacy and how can you help primary and secondary students achieve it? This article has practical exercises and useful information for helping students of all ages engage with the media both analytically and critically.

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