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  EnhanceTV - Help


If you can't find your answer here, please contact us - we are more than happy to help.



EnhanceTV membership is free

All levels of EnhanceTV Membership (Standard, Premium) are free to join.

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Upgrading from Standard to Premium Membership

1. Login.
2. In the "Your cart" box on the right, select "Modify profile".
3. Under "Member Details", select "Premium Membership" in the drop down menu.
4. Complete the details about your licensed institution and billing addresses.

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Multiple accounts at one educational institution

Yes, you can have as many accounts as you like. Purchases are only shipped to a registered school/TAFE/university address.

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Use of private information

Click here for the EnhanceTV privacy policy.

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Deleting your EnhanceTV membership

Login, then in the "Your Cart" box on the right, select "Delete Profile".

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Adding/deleting EnhanceTV newsletter subscription

Login, then in the "Your Cart" box on the right select "Modify Profile". Change the "tick box" in the Newsletter section, to suit your needs.

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Who can purchase from EnhanceTV? (IMPORTANT)

Only Australian educational institutions with a Screenrights licence can purchase Video Downloads. All government schools (and most other schools), many TAFEs and universities in Australia have a Screenrights licence. If you are unsure if you have a Screenrights licence, contact us on 02 9904 0133 or email licensing.  To purchase, you need to join EnhanceTV as a Premium Member. Membership is free.

Purchases from EnhanceTV are not open to the general public, nor to countries outside Australia.

All other items are free. Anyone over 18 years of age can download the free Study Guides, Feature Articles and Teaching Topics from the EnhanceTV online store. You first need to join EnhanceTV as a Standard Member - either Australian, New Zealand, or International, depending on where you're downloading from. Membership is free.

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How to purchase

  1. Join as a Premium Member of EnhanceTV, and ensure you enter the billing and/or shipping address of your educational institution. No personal addresses or PO Boxes will be accepted.
  2. Once you've found a program to purchase, click on the title, and then Add to Cart (the small green button towards the bottom of the page). Click Checkout, choose your preferred method of payment: credit card or online purchase order and proceed to submit your order choosing either Visa/Mastercard or school purchase order.
  3. A tax invoice is then sent to your email and also in the mail with the contents of the order. Payment occurs on receipt of the goods by either cheque or direct deposit. We are unable to process orders we receive through fax or the mail.
  4. Remember your profile needs to be approved before you order your first Video Download.

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Payment methods - Visa/Mastercard, School PO

There are two methods: you can order using Visa or Mastercard credit cards, or supply a school purchase order online (Australian Premium Members only). There is no online financial transaction when you enter your purchase order number online. Payment is made via cheque or direct deposit upon receipt of the ordered goods.

Please note: We do not accept fax orders or orders received through post, email of telephone

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Security of online payments EnhanceTV

Online credit card processing is through the E-Way payment gateway. E-Way is an Endorsed Supplier under the Australian Government's Endorsed Supplier Arrangement. All transactions are fully encrypted.

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Program prices

Video Download prices depend on program length. There are no discounts for bulk purchases. EnhanceTV membership is free. Program Length (all prices includes gst):

10 mins or less: $3.25 60 mins: $19.50
30 mins: $9.75 121+ mins: Varies on series length

Please Note: The cost of Video Downloads is cheaper because you receive the program link directly to your email.

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Ad-free and quality copies

Video Download copies provided by the EnhanceTV online store will be high quality reproductions of near-broadcast quality archived content. All copied programs purchased from EnhanceTV are free of advertisements - we deleted them for your convenience.

Closed captions versions currently unavailable

At this stage there are no closed caption versions for purchase from the online EnhanceTV store. However, we are investigating this option and if you have any comments to make please contact us. Our new service EnhanceTV Direct has closed captioned programs (if available at the time of broadcast).

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Is EnhanceTV and Screenrights making a profit?

No. EnhanceTV Pty Ltd is a subsidiary of Screenrights, which is a not-for-profit organisation committed to the use of educational audiovisual content in Australian schools, universities and TAFE colleges. The prices for copies of broadcast television content are set so as to recover the cost of capture, archiving, duplication and shipping only.

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What is EnhanceTV's ABN?

ABN: 72 119 702 251

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Logging in problems

If you are a subscriber to our email newsletter then you are automatically an “Australian Standard Member”, however you will need to find out your password to access the site.

To retrieve your password go to the Login box on the homepage and click “Recover Password”, type your email address into the box provided and click "Go".

Your username and password will then be emailed to you. Simply cut and paste your username and password into the relevant fields on the homepage and click “Go”. You are now logged in and you can easily modify your profile to become an “Australian Premium Member” and also change your password.

If you try the above and it tells you that your email address is not recognised then simply create a membership by clicking on “apply” and filling in the fields. Membership is free.

If you are still having trouble then please email us.

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Programs broadcast before 24 July 2006

EnhanceTV became an official Resource Centre (or online store) and started copying programs from 24 July 2006. If the program you're looking for was broadcast before that date, it is not available for sale from EnhanceTV.

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Downloading a Study Guide, Feature Article or Teaching Topic

Due to the technology used, there are several steps here - please be patient, access to these free resources is worth the wait!

  1. Ensure you are logged in (all levels of membership can download Study Guides, Feature Articles and Teaching Topics);
  2. Click on the resource you wish to download;
  3. Click "Add to cart";
  4. Click "checkout";
  5. Click "login" and fill in your login and password;
  6. Click "Checkout" again;
  7. A screen will appear saying "Your order is being placed. Please Wait";
  8. You will receive another page with the title of the program, next to the title is the word download and the words "click here".
  9. Click "click here" and you are taken to another page, the word download appears towards the bottom. Click the "go" button and your resource will download;
  10. You should also receive a copy of the download code via email. If you did not receive this then it means that your order was not processed, possibly because you were not logged in.

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Email Newsletter not arriving or being marked as Spam

If your EnhanceTV email does not appear in your inbox, there is a good chance that it is because your organisation's Spam Filter has blocked it. Check with your IT Manager about a possible solution.

Some members using free online service accounts (Hotmail, Yahoo!, Gmail etc) to sign up to EnhanceTV, have the same problem. On an individual basis, you can solve this by adding our email address (email@enhancetv.com.au) to the Contacts section of your webmail. This lets the spam filter know that you trust us, and want to receive our newsletters.

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EnhanceTV: how it works for filmmakers

EnhanceTV is a not for profit resource centre licensed to copy programs for the Australian educational sector. It was set up by Screenrights www.screenrights.org as a link between filmmakers and the educational institutions that use their work in exchange for annual licence fees paid to program copyright owners. EnhanceTV’s online television guide for teachers, free educational materials and a resource centre allows educators to obtain copies of programs, therefore making it easier for educational institutions to use film and television. By facilitating use, EnhanceTV aims to maximise value for educational institutions and improve returns to the film and television industry.

Copies of my programs are available for sale on EnhanceTV – who gave permission for this?

Since 1990 the Australian Copyright Act has allowed copies of programs to be made from television broadcasts by, or on behalf of, an educational institution. The institution doesn’t need to obtain individual permission from each copyright owner, however it does pay an annual licence fee for this use. Screenrights collects these fees, licenses educational institutions, monitors copying and distributes the money it collects to the rightsholders. In 2010/11 Screenrights distributed over $30 million to producers, writers, musicians, broadcasters and other copyright owners in programs.

Although most institutions do their own copying, some order copies of programs through resource centres, such as the one on EnhanceTV. Not for profit resource centres have been set up since 1990 with the sole function of copying for educators at Screenrights licensed institutions. Copies are provided at cost and the resource centre must have a Screenrights licence.

Individual copyright owners therefore do not need to grant or clear any rights to the EnhanceTV resource centre, provided copies are only made for the educational purposes of an institution with a Screenrights licence.

How am I paid for copying by EnhanceTV?

There are two ways you may receive payment if your program is copied by EnhanceTV following a request from an educational institution:


EnhanceTV provides records to Screenrights of programs that it copies and supplies to educational institutions, and Screenrights pays a royalty for each of these copies. The amount depends on the:

  • duration of the copy
  • type of program (programs that are more likely to be kept as an ongoing resource – such as a documentary – will receive a greater payment than more ephemeral programs, such as the news)
  • format of the copy (digital or analogue)
  • type of institution to which its supplied (for example, school or university)

For example, in the 2009-2010 distribution year each one-hour documentary supplied to an educational institution by EnhanceTV, resulted in a payment of $19.27(Schools), $182.81(TAFE), $148.93 (Universities) in royalties paid by Screenrights to the relevant copyright holders.


Screenrights also surveys educational institutions in order to determine what’s being copied in each sector. Where a program is identified as having been copied in the survey, it receives a payment. This payment is considerably larger than a payment for a single instance of copying done by a resource centre. This is because the survey provides a representative sample, with each identified copy representing a much larger number of copies across the sector.

Does EnhanceTV prevent me from entering distribution agreements for DVDs of my program?

EnhanceTV can only supply a copy of your program to licensed Australian educational institutions that have requested the copy for their educational purposes. Copies cannot be made available to members of the public, nor can they be sold or rented for a profit. EnhanceTV copying therefore does not prevent you from entering into other distribution agreements.

For how long can EnhanceTV make and supply copies of my program?

Once EnhanceTV has made a copy of your program it can continue to make further copies for educational institutions indefinitely. This prolongs the exposure of your program beyond the initial broadcast date, increasing potential revenue from educational copying, and each time EnhanceTV makes a copy of your program you will get a royalty.

Does EnhanceTV supply copies of my program outside Australia?

No. All resource centres can only supply copies of programs to Australian educational institutions that have a Screenrights licence. The institution can only use the program for its educational purposes.

Can anyone log onto the EnhanceTV resource centre to get a copy of my program?

No. The EnhanceTV website can be accessed by anyone but only licensed Australian educational institutions can order copies of programs through the site. This is checked prior to the processing of an order.

Is EnhanceTV making a profit on my program, which is not transferred to me?

No. The price for copies are set so as to recover the cost capture and archiving.

What else can EnhanceTV do for me?

EnhanceTV sends a weekly email to more than 16,000 subscribers letting them know about upcoming broadcasts of educational interest. Study guides for programs are also available for downloading. As an important resource for teachers and academics, the site can increase the exposure of your program to the educational sector.

Who gave Screenrights the authority to set up the EnhanceTV resource centre?

Resource centres are established under provisions in the Australian Copyright Act. The decision to set up the resource centre was made by Screenrights’ Board after extensive consultation with the industry. The Board is elected by Screenrights’ members and comprises representative from across the film and television sector.

I am not a Screenrights member, how do I become one?

Becoming a Screenrights member and registering your titles ensures that any royalties owing for your programs are paid to you as quickly and efficiently as possible. Membership is free. Visit www.screenrights.org/rightsholders to download the forms or email contentowners@screenrights.org for more information.

What if one of my programs has been copied and I was not a Screenrights member?

EnhanceTVs’ researchers endeavour to find all program copyright owners whose programs have been copied so that they can join and be paid. It doesn’t matter if you were not a member when a copy was made, you will still receive payment.

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